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How often do you take the time out to do life your way?

We get so caught up in what we think we should be doing we forget to take time out for ourselves.

Something that I find the most wonderful about photography is that I can show you your beauty. 


'The purpose of Art is washing the dust off our souls' Pablo Picasso

These sessions can be a collaboration or I can take the creative reigns (which I love to do).


The process...

A face to face meeting to get to know each other a little better because this is an extension of you and you need to feel comfortable with me.

A shared Pinterest to put together ideas.

There will be some planning involved such as locations outfits and maybe even a prop or two and once we have that we can set a date. If you would prefer to work backwards from a booked date I'm happy to do that also.


Awkward in front of camera? No worries you don't have to know how to hold yourself you just do you I'll handle the rest.


 Giovanna had just competed in her first bikini contest and wanted to celebrate the hard work, but more importantly remember it. 

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