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Geelong Birth Photography - The Birth of Twins

Fredrick and Rueben

Rueben and Fredrick in Mums arms only a few hours old

When you are not a seasoned birth photographer and you nab a twin birth it’s like all your Christmases have come at once! And I’ve had some amazing Christmases haha.

Before attending a birth I thought they would be this chaotic place where everyone would be rushing around Mum but they aren’t like that at all. It’s this really peaceful place and time.

Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone wants the same outcome.

The twins Fredrick and Rueben were born at Geelong Hospital, Chelsea and Morgan were relaxed and making jokes the whole time. Everything was calm and the team worked autonomously to ensure the safe arrival of the boys.

We joked later about it being the party room because there was so many people surrounding Chelsea and Morgan. The boys were lucky enough to have a doctor each, a midwife each, a pie warmer each and people on standby in case of emergency. It’s a teaching hospital so this can happen. With all those people there was a whole one spot for me. Even though a photographer is a non essential they were so accommodating and respected Chelsea and Morgan’s decision to have me there.

When I delivered the film I got this back from Chelsea.

“OMG!! Katie we love love love it. So good it brought a tear to Morgan’s eye for real so thank you so much such an amazing thing to have to show the boys when they are older. Just incredible…”

With that statement that ‘it’s an amazing thing to show the boys when they are older’ I wished there was a photo of my own birth or even my brother or sisters. If you are considering it just do it! You will never regret having that footage.

I’m so excited to share this film with you all.

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